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11th-May-2015 08:18 pm(no subject)
I spent the weekend at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival, helping at the Mohawk Valley Suffolks/An Enchanted Pantry booth. It was fun! I totally love our space there, and I have a lot of ideas for how to improve it next year. (Ideas that, alas, are pretty much limited ONLY to this venue--it's the only space we have that's in the middle of the aisle, rather than against the wall. It comes with challenges, but gives you many more usable surfaces to display merchandise. So, that's the focus.)

We got a lot of comments on our old "knuckle-buster" credit card machine, which is apparently becoming something of a relic. But on the other hand you'll never see us running out of the booth every other order in search of a signal for our Square app! I figure Square and PayPal work for most sorts of events... but sheep and wool events, as a rule, tend to be rural and lacking a cell-phone signal. (Our next show--Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Festival--is well-known for not having a signal anywhere, if I recall correctly.) So we're going to stick with it until the credit card machine outright refuses to take it anymore. :-)

I didn't finish my story like I'd hoped to (though thanks, scribble_myname, for the vote of confidence--I was already mobile by the time I saw the comment! :) ), but I've gotten a lot farther and hammered out my concepts a little more.

...actually, what the heck. I'll give you a few paragraphs of rough from the beginning. (It's going to undergo a lot of revision, but it gets some of the concept.)

The Way Home: Rough Draft, Beginning.Collapse )
8th-May-2015 11:45 am(no subject)
Current project: Standalone sci-fi, space colony variant. Hoping to get Bill to work out the science while I work out the background; we're developing the plot together. So hopefully I can bang a bunch of that out over the weekend.

Then back to Connor and Penelope. Goal there is a brief collection, including the story I wrote last year. Focus on giving Connor more agency; he's SUCH a nebbish.

And... yeah.

I have confidence.
6th-May-2015 01:28 pm(no subject)
Of all skills, the one I need most to develop--and that I'm *trying* most to develop--is the fine art of "It doesn't matter if it sucks. Write it anyway."

(Or, alternately, "Wait a day before deleting your picture, it might not suck." But I'm mostly pursuing that through more real media.)

This is superior to "save this idea until you know how to write better," and shoyld be easier go push through. But, you know. Annoying.

Space Pilgrims story starting off with a sledgehammer-to-the-head Message? It wants to be there right now, fix it later. Teenage boy dialogue in other story sluggish and unconvincing? Fix it later.

Later, if you can't fix it... big deal. Write something else.

Yeah. I think I can do this.

(Now, if only I had a plan for not losing my notebooks after writing chapters in them... I'm considering chaining them to my purse.)
5th-May-2015 07:58 am(no subject)
The beauty of my current that, when I'm tempted to flail about because all of my ideas for the future are stupid and I can't pick a path... holding steady is an option.

I like that.
2nd-May-2015 02:35 pm(no subject)
The spring has come, and with it, desire to do more, to walk more, to create more.

Also to make or buy a hell of a lot more food and drink and eat it heartily.

Gonna see if I can leverage some meal planning to adjust the second while keeping the first. Should be pretty easy--and should also be useful for using the supplies we have in stockpile rather than what "sounds good" on a given evening.

Problem: I'm usually pretty crummy at meal planning, and Bill and I's schedule runs to the somewhat unpredictable. But one of those is fixed with practice, and the other with flexibility. And in any case, having a plan is better than not having a plan.

In any case, I'm totally going to manipulate Bill into at least one sushi dinner. Yeah, it's expensive... but, since Bill makes it himself, that tends to mean a $5 fish steak and whatever the sticky rice costs. Soooo I think it won't be a hard sell. ;-)

Also, quinoa. Our friends fed us this quinoa-and-beans-and-corn creation last week, and it was fantastic. Definitely need to do that, too.
27th-Apr-2015 09:12 pm(no subject)
Watching some old Digimon episodes--season one, when the kids get back to earth.

It's a huge nostalgia kick--this is the only series I've ever actually gotten up on Saturday mornings to catch. (Some years later, I'd stay up until all hours of the evening to catch Gargoyles reruns, but that's not the same as getting up...) And I'm enjoying it more than the last time I tried, when I started from the first episode.

I'd also forgotten how formulaic it is. I think it'd be less noticeable in other episodes--wandering around the DigiWorld, I imagine there's all kinds of reasons for the monsters to transform every episode. But in the Earth episodes, which focus more on How We Got Here and series mythology, it stands out a lot when they throw a monster at you at the end in order to necessitate a fight.

But then, Power Rangers was always the same way--the one that comes to mind is an episode of Time Force where most of the episode is taken up by the Yellow Ranger dreaming about being in the past and kicking butt... and then gets woken up to help fight a monster destroying the city in an unrelated fashion. :-P I'd suggest it was a Japanese thing, but... well, Blues Clues and Dora the Explorer both take formulaic to the extreme, with massive amounts of stock footage to boot.

(Granted, for a somewhat younger audience. My Little Pony's first season or two stuck to a "Dear Princess Celestia" moral-of-the-day formula (I think that got less straightforward in later seasons?), but that seems like a somewhat smaller element...)

Anyway. Funny. :-)
18th-Apr-2015 05:17 pm(no subject)

Have a painting!
18th-Apr-2015 02:16 pm(no subject)
Art day! Bill helped me drag my drafting table up to the second floor (where we actually live, so I'm planning on an attempt to kill the real media today. Part of cleaning old the old, unused art-cave is that it turns out I've got a LOT more half-used books of paper than I thought...

Thinking maybe to fool around with acrylics; haikujaguar indicated they might suit me, from how I complained about watercolors. But who knows!

Either way, the plan is to remake old pieces, so I don't have to spend the thought to try to figure out a new idea and how to bring it into the light. Redrawing is, I find, one of my single most useful tools for growth.

Anyway! Time to get to it!
15th-Apr-2015 12:45 pm(no subject)
I think this is Day 3 (in a row) of Perfect Weather.

I could get used to this.
14th-Apr-2015 09:52 am - Happy Things
Going to steal a page from gwendally's book here and list Happy Things, because I'm rather twitchy around the edges today.

1) I have a near-infinitely flexible job that, despite an initial claim of a 6 month span, appears to be willing to stick around as long as I'm willing to keep doing it. Moreover, it's next to impossible to screw the job up, which is always a plus.

2) I have good friends who, even when undergoing the emotional turmoil of having just run 16 miles for marathon training and wanting to kill everything, will see us on the street trying to fix a bicycle and invite us inside to work on it in the light.

3) And then graciously let us buy them a birthday round, even though I'm pretty sure they wanted to sleep.

4) We got an additional, free round once there, because somebody kept trying to start a fight and wasn't leaving. "Sorry about all the drama," the bartender intoned while dropping the drink chits. (This isn't in any way a sarcastic good thing--we were actually enjoying the entertainment value of a real-life soap opera even BEFORE we got the free drinks.)

5) This is a week old, but I never mentioned it--I found my old, lost portfolio while cleaning. YAY! So much work I thought was gone forever! (I also found my top-grade-in-class Memorandum of Law final paper from Legal Research and Writing, which is also good.)

6) I have a matching towel set, sitting on towel bars and rings Bill was kind enough to install for me. They hardware was as cheap as I could find, and yet it still matched our decor (white). Score!

7) Bill also installed a working shower for me, so I don't have to take a bath unless I actually WANT a bath. I cannot express how awesome this is. (PARTICULARLY with home hair dyeing--no more forcing my head under the spigot!)

8) I ran and finished a 5K on Saturday. It was hard, and I didn't run much of it--I haven't done much of any exercising since my first 5K in mid-February. But it was in good company, all of whom were happy for my finishing, and it's encouraged me to run and exercise more since, and to be gladsome to do so.

9) The weather is absolutely fantastic the last day or two! Bill and I went on a romantic sunset walk with the dog the day before last. We biked to the grocery store last night. And yesterday morning, when I couldn't sleep for pre-interview nerves, I jogged along the bike path at sunrise and it was sufficiently beautiful that I felt compelled to sing show tunes about beautiful days.

10) Bill made homemade sushi last night. He's getting good at it! It always tastes good, but the rolls are looking pretty official these days.

11) We've replaced our electric kettle, and get to have drama-free French Pressed coffee again, which is SO much better than our percolator OR Keurig. I have fairly few yuppie pleasures in life, but since I bought Bill a french press for Valentine's Day, pressed coffee is one of them.

12) A piece of art I made and posted to Twitter was reblogged 73 times--I think that makes it the most popular piece of art I've ever created, though I'm not sure (I don't usually disseminate through Twitter.)

...yeah, I guess that's it! :-D I do feel much better now.

EDIT: Also, this list is great even if things are only a little off: Everything is Awful and I'm Not Okay: questions to ask before giving up. Duh, I haven't had breakfast! Off to hard-boiled eggs!
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